Regurgitation - food waste from the esophagus and stomach without the stresses and strains of the child; there is very often in infants and children in the first months of life. Regurgitation is a reaction of the gastrointestinal tract on introduction unusual food.
Most children regurgitation due to defects feeding: by overfeeding, ingestion of air feeding, at least underfeeding. There are regurgitation during feeding, after feeding immediately or after a different time. Load and with poor and rare regurgitation usually have little impact on the health and development of the child. Regurgitation usually take place or to weaken in the second week of life. Rich, frequently repeated regurgitation alternating with vomiting (see), are a symptom of various diseases, especially gastrointestinal tract, the pilorospazm (see). In the first days of life abundant regurgitation are observed more frequently in babies born at asphyxia and with signs of intracranial birth trauma (see).
The staff of children's departments of maternity hospitals and departments of pathology of newborns should remember about possible vomiting in infants, caution them to take away from his mother's Breasts, slowly feed from a bottle, gently laying in bed, avoiding sharp movements, not perepechenova soon after feedings. Easy srygivaniya children should after feeding laying on its side to avoid aspiration of them srygivaniya liquid.