Sewing machines - semi-automatic devices intended for connection of mechanical suture certain authorities (or their parts), as well as the suturing tightly remaining part of the body during surgery.
As suture material is usually used tantalum or cobalt-chromium-Nickel alloy materials that do not cause in the tissues of the body's inflammatory reactions.
In 1946-1950, in the Soviet Union by a group of engineers and doctors developed the method of mechanical vascular suture tantalum brackets with special sewing machine. The first was created apparatus for stitching blood vessels circular seam of U-shaped brackets to the end in the end (Fig. 1, 1), hereinafter - the equipment for stitching vessels end in side (Fig. 1, 2), equipment for suturing the root of the lung, gastric stump, blending gastro-intestinal anastomosis and a number of other (Fig. 2). Created more than ten models of phones only for the imposition of circular seam, including devices, allowing to make the blood vessels in diameter from 1.3 up to 20 mm
apparatus for stitching blood vessels

Fig. 1. Apparatus for stitching blood vessels: 1 - for stitching the end to end; 2 - for stitching end in side.
apparatus for stitching hollow organs
Fig. 2. Apparatus for stitching hollow organs: 1 - for the imposition of esophago-gastric and esophageal-gastric anastomoses; 2 - for the suturing gastric stump double row submersible seam; 3 - for stitching guts the end in the end, the end on hips side to side; 4 - for the imposition of gastrointestinal and interintestinal anastomoses side-to-side.

Fig. 3. Brackets for stitching tissue (increased):
1 - before stitching;
2 - after stitching.

For all vehicles at imposing circular or linear weld the principle of linkage is that U-shaped brackets (Fig. 3, 1), in the shop of the device, push the plunger, pierce stitched fabric and, resting in deepenings of a matrix, bent, taking In-shaped form (Fig. 3, 2). Brackets for stitching soft tissues are made from a wire in diameter from 0.1 to 0.4 mm, for stitching dense tissue - wire diameter of 1,5 mm
Created several models odnostavochnyj AIDS. Unlike other devices, superimposing simultaneously or sequentially group brackets with a given form of joint and certain distances between stitches, these devices allow to impose the stitches mechanical suture with the desired interval and the length of the weld. Store generic odnostoronnego apparatus lay ahead to 15 brackets, which are served automatically one by one. Such devices produced in three sizes with brackets from a wire in diameter of 0.4; 0,25; 0.15 mm; they allow you to stitch the different tissues of the body.
Created specialized one - and dvuhskatnye devices, such as stapling of the cornea, ribs, bandaging blood vessels in deep cavities.
The advantages of linking devices - speed suture (one squeeze the handles or levers apparatus is applied all seam), minimal trauma of the surrounding tissue, integrity and high mechanical durability of a seam. Tissue reaction to suture material is negligible.
The main contraindications to the use sewing machine is a pathological change stitched tissue, caused by the tumor or inflammatory processes.