Prevention of premature aging

In the prevention of premature onset of old age plays a major role. Rational organization of the day, correct alternation of work and rest - all this contributes to the normal course of metabolic processes in the body and prevents premature ageing.
Great importance is the nature of the work. Heavy hours of exhausting physical work, devastates people and contributes to premature aging. Held in the Soviet Union mechanization of works associated with heavy physical labor, as well as the establishment of earlier retirement age for workers in some industries, is of great importance in the prevention of premature aging.
Harmful and monotonous sedentary work, promoting occurrence of violations and some diseases (cardiovascular system, osteoarticular apparatus, and others). At enterprises and institutions associated with monotonous sitting or standing work and restriction of movement, with the purpose of prophylaxis of these changes impose Fizkultury (5-10 minutes every 2-2,5 hours).
It is well known the stimulating effect of the work on human activity. Repeatedly observed, for example, as an old man after retirement, divorced from the usual labour, especially creative, changing established for many years habitual way of life (life stereotype)can not adapt to the new conditions, begins painful to feel their "waste", stops for a monitor, is changing rapidly and externally, old age, are more prone to diseases. On the other hand, people who are passionate about their work, often in 70-80 years or longer retain their ability to work, finding in the labor incentive for life and work.
Connection of persons of retirement age to the feasible socially useful work is one of the most effective means of prevention of premature aging and at the same time, is of great social importance as a source of personnel for the various branches of production.
In the Soviet Union at the industrial enterprises, housing offices, regional Executive committees, polyclinics created public organization of pensioners, which perform a number of specific tasks, participate in the improvement of cities and settlements, carry out public control over the work of trade enterprises, assist and provide care for the sick and lonely senior citizens, and so on, the Active participation of persons of retirement age in the public life of the country, in addition to its public importance, and has great significance as an important stimulator of vital tone , one of prophylaxis of premature aging.
In the mode of the day the person necessarily should be allocated time (1-3 hours) to stay in the fresh air. At a younger age it should be used to practice sports and physical training, in a more old - should pay attention walks in the fresh air, exercise and physiotherapy in specialized groups for the elderly, organized in stadiums. Residents of large industrial cities on Sunday recommended to leave the city, to participate in Hiking.
Favorable conditions have been created in connection with the transition of the enterprises of our country on a five-day working week. Vacation should be used for recreation in the countryside, in the resort or in the tourism campaign.
Great attention should be paid night's rest. The duration of night sleep should be 7 to 8 hours. Improve sleep walking at night (40-60 minutes), in cases dramatically disordered sleep is necessary to resort to sleeping pills funds (see).
In the prevention of premature onset of old age much attention is paid to the dietetics. Not recommended overeating, daily ration of food should be limited 2200-2500 feces, of course with individual variations, depending on body weight and performed work. Desirable 3-4-course meal, with the primary quantity of food should be taken in the first half of the day. The diet should be mainly dairy plant, but should include fish and meat dishes (1 per day), egg (1-3 per week). Meat (lean beef, veal) it is recommended to use in the form of steam hamburgers, meatballs. Especially recommended lactic acid products: for example, acidophilus milk, yogurt. Fat in the daily diet should contain a moderate amount (60-80 g, including fat, contained in foods), mostly in the form of butter or oil, last not less than 50%.
Food should be rich in vitamins. Periodically, especially in the spring time, desirable additional use of vitamins, medicines "multivitamin", "B-complex", "Undevit", "Vigenin" and other (1 - 3 pills a day). The content of table salt in the daily diet should be limited to 6-8, is Strictly prohibited Smoking and reception of strong alcoholic drinks.
Of drugs for the prevention of premature aging prescribed courses of vitamins B6, B12 and B15, brewer's yeast, which is connected with the big maintenance in them of vitamins, injection of 2% solution novokaina intramuscular injection of 10 ml a day, a course - 12 injections. It is possible to recommend the introduction of antireticular cytotoxic serum (KL ACC) and oxygen therapy. In order to avoid possible complications of these medical events are held for the purposes and under the control of the physician. Work is underway to study the therapeutic action of a number of hormones during premature aging.
Because most individuals do not live to a ripe old age and die from various diseases, the measures for the increase of life expectancy include measures of prevention and combating diseases. Of particular importance in this respect is the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis (see).