Aging and nutrition

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However, the science of nutrition has the materials, which, undoubtedly, should be taken into account in the further development of the problem of gorodiatichi. The data obtained as a result of multifaceted approach to the study of nutrition of elderly people, experimental and clinical studies of metabolism and function of aging of the organism in norm and pathology (K. S. Petrovsky, V. A. Kudasheva, 1970; E. A. Lebedev, 1976; A. A. Pokrovski, 1976; ., Hejda, 1974, and others). Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages, but in General, complementing each other, they allow you to develop, the problem of gorodiatichi at the level of modern problems.
It is known that in the basis of functioning of the body is the process of transformation of nutrients, which has a significant impact on the nature and depth of changes in metabolism. That's why directed influence of nutrition on metabolism and the functional state of the organism should be considered an important lever prevent early aging.
Human nutrition in elderly and senile age should correspond to the needs of the organism in essential nutrients and energy and to prevent premature aging. Remember that nutrients are in difficult interaction with the cytoplasm of a cell, determining its metabolic Fund, exerting influence on the processes of metabolism in General.
Each age has specific features of power. In elderly and senile age these features mainly due to the way of life, functional and morphological changes in various organs and systems, decrease of processes of self-renewal of body tissues and change of a metabolism.
As we have already noted, available in Russian and foreign literature data on the nutrition of elderly people, rather controversial. There are age-related peculiarities of feeding and nutrition for various diseases, often related to the elderly and senile age. In the in-depth development of these issues occupy a special place of actual power and communications of its features with the state of health of an aging organism.