Some attempts of the fight against aging

From long ago, scientists tried to find ways to deal with ageing. That did not propose!
Elderly French physiologist Broun-Sekar at the end of the last century, seeing age withering of the sex glands and brilliantly predict the presence of internal secretion, proposed to implant under the skin man sex glands of young animals. He tested this method on himself: he was then 73 years. Scientist felt a surge of energy, forces, again, could climb to the third floor in his laboratory and experiment. However, after a few months came catastrophic decrepitude. Today for the implementation of the proposal the brown-séquard would not need to make a transfer of the sex glands, you can just type in the body of medications related hormones. Observed in the experiments the brown-séquard short-term, but a certain effect scientists explain not the influence of hormones, and the influence of products of protein breakdown, which in such cases, a significant irritant and stimulating effect.
An interesting proposal was made in the 20-ies of our century already familiar to the reader A. A. Malinovsky. He proposed to extend the life of transfused blood from young individuals in the old. Considering that the blood contains everything necessary for the life of the chemical ingredient, Malinovsky hoped in this way to normalize the chemical environment of the body. In 50 years, some American laboratory began to investigate this way; even held a transplantation of bone marrow (body of the blood) from old young animals.