Aging - conclusions and theory

From a theoretical provisions derive clear challenges for the further scientific researches and practical Affairs. First of all, it is clear that we have two problems in the struggle for longevity, and these problems are largely independent.
The first of them is the problem of reconstruction of nature, human biology, which is a natural limit to 100 years has moved at least 500, 1000 years and more. This is not a utopia. Identifies two areas of our quest. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen maintenance service of the body, the service of repair, which we discussed. If this service we will strengthen and defective molecules of RNA will not accumulate, it is hoped to extend the youth in several times. Immortality of course, we will not get, for this cause of aging is not the only, however, we will make substantial progress forward. Other causes and mechanisms of natural ageing Should also be studied with the identification of possible remedies. On the other hand, it is necessary to reconstruct old body. There is not all bad. We are convinced that a human body is a complex self-regulating, self-tuning system. Let the nature and becomes disinterested by the organism, under the age of Mature years and fulfilled their duty to reproduce offspring still the protective mechanisms of self-regulation, which in the body there remain with him, and he seems to be taking its protection into their own hands. For example, with age decreases the amount of hormones produced by the glands of internal secretion. However, it appeared that the sensitivity of tissues to hormones, increases with age and in this way the body does. If you examine these and other protective forces of old age, to develop them, we get a fully working old body. Young science about old age - gerontology - nominated two tasks: to add years to life and to add life to years. This is fine!
It is necessary not only to extend life, but to fill the lives of recent years that it is necessary to live to the end. Walking on the two areas that I mentioned, we will solve both problems. Increasing maintenance service of the body, we add years to life, prolonging youth. Having developed the protective forces of old age, we add life to years, remote decrepit old age.
Thus, the search direction is clear, however, today these problems are not solved yet. Opening cannot be planned: they can happen today, and may be through dozens of years.
The second problem is the fight against premature old age without any adjustment of human nature, the struggle for required of us are 100 years each. We are born with that ability, but we don't take programmed resource, as told to the representative of the world of technology. This problem scientific solution does not require, here it is time for practice. Solved the problem has two General areas : social and individual. Review them and will be devoted to the last, final conversation of our book.