Old age is a natural and premature

No matter how interesting all this work, they are in the best case opened only some finishing touches, only applied to specific parts of a complex process of aging. The essence of this process, they were not touched upon. The first who really looked deeply into the essence of aging, was Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov.
Being one of the leading microbiologists in the world, received in 1906 Nobel prize, I. I. Mechnikov paid much attention to such an important General biological problem as aging and the struggle for the lengthening of life. Metchnikov looked forward two provisions, which became the basis of gerontology as science and inviolable to the present.
Firstly, first of all, the old brain, causing aging of the other systems of the body - vascular system, with its sclerosis and other Modern science has completely confirmed the results of observations Mechnikov. Moreover, now clarified what nerve centers play a leading role in the aging process. Such a "conductor" of aging, surrendering its positions in the first place and involving in this process other organs and tissues, is the hypothalamus area, which, as we already know, manages the functions of internal organs, as well as the bark of the big hemispheres.
Secondly, Mechnikov forced scientists to realize that old age old age strife that there are two age - natural, normal, which is a portion literally units, and premature, painful, which is the lot of the vast majority of people and the higher mammals animals.