Why do we grow old prematurely?

I. I. Mechnikov were not interested in the natural aging. All the attention he focused on premature old age, examined and gave an explanation. We grow old, he said, because amoureuses rotting substances from their own thick guts.
We have said that those few hours, during which undigested food particles are in the colon, where they "is sucked" water of these residues parasitizes huge number of microbes. Prevail putrefactive bacteria. They cause the decomposition of residuals write with the formation of a number of putrefactive substances - such poisons as indole, skatole, phenols. Poisons these are absorbed from the intestine into the blood. Flowing from the intestines to the blood is filtered through the liver. All that you can, this Central chemical laboratory of the body is trying to detain and disarm. For example, harmful indole she turns in indican and only in this form produces in the blood. But something certainly pass through the filter, even in small concentrations, but these poisons the whole life circulate in the blood. They are, according to Metchnikov, the main cause of aging of the brain and body.
Interesting facts strengthened scientist your point of view. For example, birds are smaller mammals, and live not less. Eagle hundreds of times inferior to the elephant in the size of the body, but not yield to him in life expectancy. It would seem that the General rule is violated? Far from it, says Mechnikov, just birds have no colon. The bird cannot afford to transport by air, waste, saving water. Each gram of weight here matters. With fast wings, bird's better flies on a watering place. Undigested in the body of the bird is not delayed. As soon as digestion is finished, poultry these balances throws, even on the fly. Of course, no birds, colon cancer, and putrefactive processes as a cause of comparative longevity of birds is a hypothesis that needs further confirmation. Two facts prove it. The ostrich, the biggest bird, would have to live longer than other birds. However, he has forgotten how to fly, have adapted to live on earth, runs faster than a horse. He had developed a colon, the remains of rotting food. Eventually live ostrich only 30 years - three times less than the eagle. Along with this in mammals is the representative adapted to fly, " a bat. In size it is no larger than a mouse. She's got wings, have disappeared colon. As a result of this regular mouse lives 2 years, and volatile - 22.
Watched I. I. Mechnikov in Paris elderly French Madame Robina, who lived 106 years. I asked her family, what were the peculiarities of lifestyle and health status is false. It turned out that she led quite a sheltered life, and the last few decades suffered colitis, making her repeatedly Kabila during the day. This fact attracted serious attention of the scientist. Of course, colitis is a disease, but because of the disease organism vigorously freed from the products of decay, they have accumulated less than other people. Hence could form the conditions that contributed to the longevity.
Theory Mechnikov was very popular in the beginning of our century. It was a first slim gerontological theory, covering the essence of the aging process. Jean Jaures, the founder of the French socialist party, published in 1898, the book "Utopia", which depicted the life of mankind in 200 years. The heroes of his books go with carved large intestine and stay for 2-3 century. Some people have become. refer to the doctors: "Remove the colon, want to live long!" In this surgery the surgeons had not dared, and similar produced. In the right part of the abdomen, where the small intestine becomes thick, cut the intestinal tube and end of the small intestine taken out. Colon was, so to speak, out of the game. Several dozen such operations are performed, for example, a London surgeon at the County Council. Much success they have not brought. The operation was made certain violations in the activity of the organism, And this was reduced to a minimum its positive aspects associated with the reduction of putrefactive processes in the digestive tube.
Himself I. I. Mechnikov suggested, as we have said, the Other path: the use of dairy products. A glass of such product is manufactured kefir, curdled milk, especially of acidophilus is even more useful than a glass of whole milk, for in addition to all the valuable substances contained in milk, there are myriads of our defenders from decay - lactic acid bacteria. One scientist conducted a experiment. He two weeks drank two daily glass of kefir and studied blood. By the end of the second week of the blood disappeared indican. This means that in the colon was sharply reduced the processes of decay and did not produce indole. There was no need to clean it in the liver, or rather, there was nothing to disarm.
Acidophilus milk, mentioned above, is a special product of clinical nutrition, produced dairy industry. Contained in this product acidophilous is especially valuable fighter against putrefactive processes, for even able for some time to settle in the colon. The excretion of culture of the germ - credit Mechnikov and his disciples. At present in all the resorts have become a tradition to drink before going to sleep, a glass of kefir. The origins of the tradition are also connected with the works of I. I. Mechnikov.
Remarkable scientist gave, therefore, not only theory, but also resulting from this theory and practical means to combat premature aging.
Interestingly, in his works on the problem of longevity Mechnikov not leave part of their science, remained a microbiologist. After all, the cause of premature aging, he saw through the prism of microbiological and means of struggle gave also on the basis of their expertise is used to struggle alone against other microbes.
Later it turned out that there is another and perhaps even more important mechanism of premature aging. It was opened owing to works Pavlovskaya school. Dogs that have studied experimental neuroses (i.e. tortured them nervous system causing the disruption of work of the brain, healing him, again causing a breakdown, and so on), old very quickly. Already at the age of 1-2 years they began to turn gray and thin wool, there was senile sores on the skin, in 3 years - senile cataract eyes in 4-5 years dog could hardly get up on a chair and a table. Their lives were decrepit animals that had died several years earlier dogs are another group that have just studied conditional reflexes. Conditions of feeding and maintenance, and became to be, and microbial population of the intestine in both groups dogs were the same. Thus, excessive stress on the nervous system caused a typical picture of premature aging. If this is observed in dogs, what can we say about a man with his much more complex and sensitive of the Central nervous system!
As we can see, for the development of a theory of aging proved invaluable insights into this area of interdisciplinary Sciences of Microbiology and physiology of the nervous system. When a truly great scientists look in a related area, they offer a lot, and work their immeasurably enriched the treasure house of human knowledge.
In what proportion are the two main causes of premature aging? Today, instead of 100 years we live an average of 70, i.e. our life is shortened by 30 years. The first reason that take us about 20 years, can be considered everyday stress on the brain - diseases, experiences, unhealthy lifestyle; all this as it hits the brain and cause premature wear. The second reason that take us about 10 years, is specified I. I. Mechnikov the intoxication rotting substances from the colon. Regularly eating dairy products, we have all reasons to hope to win 10 years of healthy life.