The ambulance station

Station of sanitary aviation Department of the oblast (regional) of the Republican hospital for emergency planning and Advisory medical aid to the population of remote and inaccessible areas of the country by the specialists of these hospitals, as well as qualified doctors from other medical institutions, provided specially equipped by air.
Means of sanitary aviation, in some cases, are also used to provide medical care to the victims in case of accidents of ships, planes, trains, for quick delivery of banked blood, medicines, and also in necessary cases for the recovery of areas, in particular when carrying out combat malaria. Along with doctors of the station personnel ambulance equipped with average medical staff (portsentry).
Report card equipment stations of ambulance provided by the staffing of medical devices, instruments (including oxygen), instrumentation, medical bags, special medical kits, bandages, linen, electrothermal for products and other equipment, and medical supplies to care for the transported patients and provision at the place of skilled medical care.
Station ambulance provided by small (up to 5 persons), medium (6-30 seats) and large (more than 30 seats) - airplanes, helicopters, which are the responsibility of the territorial departments and offices of Aeroflot.
In each station ambulance to cases of non-flying weather provides one passenger cars and two sanitary vehicles.