Status thymicolymphaticus

Status thymicolymphaticus is a hereditary constitutional peculiarity of the body, characterized by hyperplasia of the thymus and lymph tissue, insufficiency of the adrenal gland and other systems of the body of the child. In children with status thymicolymphaticus noted paleness of skin, pastos soft tissues of the body, lowering blood pressure.
Biologically individuals with status thymicolymphaticus unstable and often die from minor endogenous or exogenous threats. When status thymicolymphaticus death can occur suddenly, as if in the midst of perfect health, with minor infection, bathing, during mental excitement, when General anesthesia, local anesthesia, blood and plasma, the introduction of even therapeutic doses of drugs, etc. the Reason for this so-called goiter death remains poorly understood.
Any surgical intervention in subjects with status thymicolymphaticus should be carried out on the background of hormonal therapy (for 2 weeks before and after surgery). With a sudden deterioration urgently need to be given intravenously or intramuscularly hydrocortisone is based 3-5 mg per 1 kg of body weight or prednisolone at the rate of 1 mg per 1 kg of body weight of the child. Then hormones appoint per os (through the mouth). The duration of treatment is appointed by, and supervised by a doctor, is strictly individual. Children with status thymicolymphaticus especially need good care, nutrition, if possible, should be protected from contact with infectious patients. Immunizations (opepreveria, DPT) do them at a later age - in the second year of life.