Glass industry

Glass industry (occupational health) - an industry for the production of glass and products from him. For the glass industry as a raw material used quartz sand, chalk, dolomite, soda, potash, and others In the composition of the mixture (mixture) as additives include compounds of lead, arsenic, cobalt, manganese. Produced glass window, mirror, cupboard, container, laboratory, fibreglass and other
In the composite facilities for the preparation of the charge of raw materials are crushed, dried and mixed. These processes are accompanied by the emission of dust concentration is sometimes higher than acceptable. The workers of these shops is possible dust diseases of respiratory organs (see Pneumoconiosis, arsenic poisoning (see) and lead (see). To prevent their recommended: preparation of the charge on automatic lines; screening of raw materials in the sit-burtah placed in closed chambers with suction of air, moisture charge; application of mixers of continuous action; shipping charge for furnaces and loading by means of covered conveyors; medical examinations of workers, observance of personal hygiene.
In the shops of the production of glass mass is cooked in a special oven. The product at hand the development blown through pipes. On the semi-blown glass containers. Window glass pipes and glass are produced by extrusion machines. In these workshops, there is a high temperature (up to 30-33 degrees), thermal radiation (from 1.5 to 5 cal cm2/min), noise, reaching up to 100 dB and the humidity is 30-40% (in summer). Working in such conditions, there is increased heart rate, respiration, and body temperature rise; in the shop of production of glass fibre dust workers may experience skin irritation. Preventive measures on production: heat insulation of hot surfaces screens; mechanical air supply to the workplace; sufficient natural ventilation plants.
To create a normal hygienic conditions at factories of construction glass, you need to meet the hygienic requirements set forth in the "Sanitary rules for the arrangement and content of factories and workshops of construction glass", approved Deputy glasenbach in the USSR № 665-67.
The legislation on labour protection of workers of the glass industry for a number of professions has reduced working hours and additional holidays. Prohibited the employment of children under 18. Women to work on non-motorised the glass blowing is not allowed.