Stenosis of the left atrioventricular holes and lack butterfly valve in conjunction with aortic valve insufficiency

With this combination of auscultatory symptoms at the apex of the heart corresponds to the combined mitral Vice. Along with this, in the third intercostal space to the left of the sternum is determined typical aortic diastolic murmur. Data electrocardiogram, phonocardiogram and x-ray studies correspond considered vices (Fig. 29).

Fig. 29. Electrocardiogram Serezha b, 15 years.
Clinical diagnosis: rheumatism, continuously relapsing course, II degree of activity, endomyocardial. The failure of the aortic valve. Combined mitral fault. The relative lack of tricuspid valve. ECG diagnosis: sinus rhythm. The axis deviation of the heart to the right. Hypertrophy of the left and right Atria. Right ventricular hypertrophy.