Stereotaxic method

Stereotaxic method (synonym stereotaxis) - method exact inserting electrodes or micropipettes in any point of the brain or spinal cord in neurosurgical operations and neurophysiological experiments on animals. For stereotaxic method previously on a number of frontal sections of the brain produce stereotactic anatomical Atlas, in which you specify (in mm) length (coordinates) from the three main ("zero") mutually perpendicular planes (horizontal, sagittal and frontal) to any point of the brain. The position of the zero planes in the brain all the time, as it is relative to the external reference points on the skull. The strengthening of the head and introduction in the brain electrodes perform using stereotactic devices of different designs.
Stereotaxic method is used in the surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, severe pain syndromes, pituitary tumors and some other diseases of the brain, and with the introduction of a brain tumor through the introduction of radioactive isotopes of gold, phosphorus and other