Sterilization surgery

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Staplers before sterilization clear of paraffin oil, which they smeared after use, collect, charge. Sterilization carried out by boiling distilled water in the assembled and charged state. Together with the device boil charged spare shops with tantalum clips. If the phone has cutting parts, they are sterilized separately according to the rules of sterilization of cutting tools.
Sterilization of products of synthetic materials: vascular prostheses made of lavsan, terylene, Teflon, nylon and Dacron, and grids of these materials is produced by boiling distilled water for 30 minutes followed by immersing them for a few minutes in alcohol and irrigation of saline solution. Standard prosthetic devices come from the factory sterile in a special package.
Glass products are sterilized in an autoclave at a pressure of 2 am for 20 minutes or by boiling distilled water - 30 minutes, or in clinics of the chamber at temperature 150-160 OC 1 hour.
Preparation for sterilization soft suture materials (silk, catgut, kapron, lavsan, hair) and its sterilization is performed in the operating room.
For processing of silk used method Kocher: silk wash with soap and warm water and rinse until the water is clean and dried in a sterile towel. For this and subsequent manipulations nurse dressed, as to the operation. Washed-silk reel up on the slide, coils or gauze swabs and immersed consistently for degreasing in the ether for 12-24 hours and 70% alcohol at the same time. Then after 10 minutes of boiling in corrosive sublimate solution 1:1000 silk placed for storage in 96% alcohol in banks with ground traffic. Before surgery required number silk boil for 2 minutes in a solution of mercuric chloride 1 : 1000.
Often apply modifications way Kocher.
1. The way Bakulev: silk in coils wash 0.5% solution of ammonia, dried and immersed for degreasing 1 night broadcast. Sterilized silk autoclave for 30 minutes. Keep in 96% alcohol in sterile jars with ground Traffic.
2. After washing, winding coils, degreasing in the air and 70% alcohol and boiling in corrosive sublimate solution 1 : 1000 (№ 0-4 within 15 minutes, № 5-8 within 30 minutes) silk placed at least 3 days in 96% alcohol, and then produce it bacteriological testing (seeding) and fill in for the storage of 96% alcohol.
3. Washed, reeled on coils and low-fat silk sterilized in autoclave 15 min. pressure 2 am and place on the 5 days in 96 per cent alcohol. After controlling for sowing silk is ready. Sterilization in autoclave reduces the strength of silk. Every 10 days alcohol, which is stored silk, change, and sterility silk check sowing.
Nylon and lavsan thread sterilized in autoclave 15 min. pressure 2 am, placed in 96% alcohol for 5 days, then produce a crop. Keep in 96 per cent alcohol. Pets sterilization by boiling in water (20 minutes), and then in corrosive sublimate solution 1:1000 (5 minutes), as well as the methods proposed for sterilization of silk. Nylon and lavsan thread withstand any number of kipjachenii, including in the sublimate.
Paper and linen threads sterilized as silk, or autoclave along with dressing material and linen.
Catgut requires more complex sterilization in connection with the fact that he is made from extremely infected material intestines of sheep, and boiling and autoclaving he hates. Sterilization of catgut by way Sudkovskogo: catgut degrease in the air within 12-24 hours, wipe thread swab dipped in the solution of sublimate 1 : 1000, lower in 2% aqueous solution of potassium iodide (№ 0-1 30 sec., No 2-5 1 min., № 6 2 minutes), and then coiled in the ring catgut placed in limbo in a jar with a glass and filled with paraffin tube at a distance of 6-7 cm from the bottom, where the dry iodine (in 3-liter Bank - 40 g, 5-liter Bank - 60g). Periodically banks slightly shaken for uniform access of iodine vapor to all modem of catgut. Catgut believe prosterilizovat № 0-1 - after 3 days, № 2-4 - after 4 days, № 5-6 - in 5 days after sowing placed in a dry sterile jars with ground traffic.
How Claudius: within 14 days catgut stand in the solution: 1000 ml distilled water 10 g pure iodine and 10 grams of potassium iodide. Water can be replaced formalin alcohol 1 : 1000.
There are other modification of the method of Claudius: collapsed in the ring strands of catgut degrease in the air of 1 day and for 14 days is placed in a solution of 1000 ml of pure alcohol, 10 g of iodine and 10 g of potassium iodide, changing this solution after 7 days. Then make bacteriological control and stored in the same solution with the change it every 7-10 days. This is one of the most adopted in the USSR ways. Catgut can be sterilized in the solution of the following composition: 1000 ml distilled water, 20 grams of potassium iodide and 10 grams of pure iodine. Collapsed in the ring catgut placed in a solution twice on 8-10 days after keeping it within 12-24 hours. in the air, and then on 4 - 6 days - in 96 per cent alcohol. After a culture of catgut store in 96% alcohol, which changed every 7-10 days.
Sterilization of instruments, including cutting, possible by means of ultrasound. The advantage of this method is that ultrasound and provides mechanical cleaning tools from the blood and pus, without damaging them. The instruments are placed in vessels with distilled water, there omit the emitter. Use the ultrasound frequency of 800 kHz, with a capacity of 20-30 W/cm2. After 10 minutes is achieved full mechanical cleaning and sterility. Very effective sterilization linen, dressing material, tools, equipment, solutions, etc. gamma radiation. The dose of ionizing radiation must be at least 2 000 000 - 2 500 000 x-rays.