Sterilization surgery

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Sterilization surgery is used for disinfection of surgical linen, dressing material, tools and some apparatus used during operations and dressings.
Operational linen (towels, sheets, towels, masks and bandages (gauze tampons, napkins and wool) are sterilized the ferry under pressure in the autoclave. As an exception (in the absence of an autoclave) resort to sterilization fluid the ferry. In this case, steam heated to a temperature of 100 degrees, passes through incorporated into the apparatus of the drums and exits. This sterilization unreliable as to kill all bacteria (spore-die when temperature is above 120 degrees). Linen and bandages put in the form most facilitating its use and prevent undue tampering with it. Training linen and material produces a nurse, dressed in a Bathrobe, a hat or a scarf. People with pustular diseases should not take part in it. The prepared material and linen is placed in a metal drum, shimmelbush (drums), and in large drums stack bathrobes, bed sheets, towels, large towels and tampons, small - masks, little cloths, balls and wool. Accommodation linen and material must be loose. Sheets, towels, napkins etc. should be laid not horizontal and vertical layers. In major operating packing produce so that each Bix was one kind of linen or material. In a small operating, and especially for the exits emergency operation, in one Bix provide all necessary for the production of one intervention, besides so that any object can be retrieved without touching the rest. On top of all content placed Bathrobe, cap, mask for the operating nurses, which conducts first personal aseptic preparation for surgery.
When sterilization in autoclave use water saturated steam temperature of 120 - 132° under pressure of 1.5-2 am. Bactericidal properties of a pair of amplified if removed from the sterilized material the air. However, this is complicated by the fact that the material is in the drums. In institutions where there are large autoclaves, the air is removed with a vacuum pump. In the absence of the pump the air removed by blowing - within 10 minutes sterilization chamber works as Tekucheva installation, i.e. when you open the outlet valve, which is then closed. Sterilization time depends on the pressure and the quality of sterilized material. The countdown starts from the moment of establishing the required pressure and temperature. Simultaneously in the autoclave should lay the drums with homogeneous material. When sterilization drums with heterogeneous material time set by material requiring a longer duration of sterilization. Before laying in the autoclave in Bix open up all the holes. The autoclave should be loaded based 65-94 kg of cloth or material on 1 m3 volume of the device. Duration sterilization linen at a pressure of 2 am - 30 minutes, 1,5 am - 45 minutes; dressing - at 2 am - 20 minutes, with 1.5 am - 30 minutes after autoclave sterilization open in 5-10 minutes after removal of the pair (this is necessary for drying of material). Mining the drums holes in them immediately closed.
Control over the sterility of the material is carried out at each sterilization physical and chemical methods. The most reliable biological control. Should be for periodic monitoring sterilization, such as once a month, and also in cases when the pus after "clean" operations.
Sterilization basins for washing hands is produced by burning. In the pelvis pour 10 to 15 ml of denatured alcohol and set on fire. The rotation of the pelvis in different planes fired all its inner surface. The use for these purposes of ether is inadmissible because of the possibility of explosion. Sterilization gloves - see medical Gloves.
The catheter, the tube that drains sterilized by boiling distilled water for 30 minutes. New rubber products before boiling washed with warm running water to remove talc. Can store them in the solution, which is used for sterilization of gloves. Sterilization conditions rubber products in the autoclave similar to that adopted for the sterilization of gloves.