Stercobilin - Golden yellow bile pigment. Stercobilin is the final product of the transformation of bilirubin (see). Education stercobilin from stercobilinogen occurs in the lower part of the colon. During the day, with faeces allocated 150 - 300 mg of stercobilinogen (i.e. stercobilin + stercobilinogen), which together with some other substances give Kalou characteristic color. A certain part stercobilin and stercobilinogen absorbed from the intestine into the blood enters the kidneys, obnarujivaesh then in the urine. In clinical practice stercobilin urine is usually called "the urobilin". Its content in the urine increases with impaired liver function (see Urobilinemia).
Stercobilin in Calais increases with hemolytic jaundice and decreases in the case of parenchymatous hepatitis. To determine stercobilin in Calais used qualitative and quantitative methods. Method Adler stercobilinogen is oxidized iodine in stercobilin and the amount of stercobilinogen is determined by the spectral after adding a solution of acetic acid zinc.
Cm. also Bile pigments.