Steroids are a group of organic compounds that are widespread in the animal and plant world. Steroids unite: sterols (see); vitamin D group that regulate the absorption of ions of CA2+ body; bile acids (see)involved in the digestion of fats and transfer through the intestinal wall formed products, sex hormones (see); the hormones of the adrenal cortex (see Corticosteroids)that regulate carbohydrate and water-salt metabolism; cardiac glycosidescontained in medicinal plants (digitalis, Lily of the valley, strophanthus, and others) and applied for stimulation of cardiac activity; steroid sapogenin; steroidal alkaloids. All steroids play an important role in various areas of metabolism. Many of steroids and their synthetic derivatives have medicinal properties. Currently, the synthesis of many steroids (cholesterol, hormones, cortisol) of organic compounds nonsteroidal nature.