Stimulants leikopoaiza

Stimulants leikopoaiza - substances that enhance the formation of white blood cells. Many stimulants leikopoaiza, different in chemical structure and pharmacological action. Stimulants leikopoaiza are nukleinat sodium (see), pentauxil (see), thiuragyl (see), stronger (see). As a stimulant leikopoaiza use some vitamins: ascorbic acid (see), pyridoxine (see), folic acid (see), cyanocobalamin (see) and the other For the prevention of radiation caused by penetrating radiation or radiometricheskie means, recommend radioprotective drugs (see Radioprotectors). When agranulozitoza the use of stimulants leikopoaiza must be combined with measures for the suppression of infection, usually with antibiotics.
Stimulants leikopoaiza contraindicated with chlamydia and malignant bone marrow disease.