Table radiomonitoring

Table radiomonitoring - specially equipped protection procedural table on which produce all manipulations on packaging and preparation for the use of radioactive substances. In medical institutions use radiomonitoring work Desk with closed and liquid radioactive drugs.
The most common for sealed sources is a buffet type PMC designed to work procedural sisters sitting. Component parts of this table are: two side tables, performing the role of a support and space for storage of tools; table lead stove, protecting the feet of nurses; vertical protective shield consisting of lead plates and glass screen; the turntable with a foot controls for the automatic transfer of radioactive drugs on the working surface of the table. Radioactive products served by transport lines in protective containers (see Containers radioisotope). Once the container is set for vertical screen, special remote tweezers produce the opening of the container, and with another special tweezers to remove radioactive drugs. Summary of containers with sources of radiation to the working area of the table is realized with use of the turntable with a foot control; to use remote tools is prohibited. Radiomonitoring table is subject to the same care and treatment, as usual procedural tables with metal coatings. Radiomonitoring Desk for work with liquid radioactive drugs HDN-1 (table protective radiomonitoring) calculated on the work of staff standing. He has one Cabinet-Cabinet, which housed a suction pump and a container for liquid radioactive substances. The front wall of the table - protective. Table protective radiomonitoring, mobile that allows you to manipulate directly at the bedside or in the surgical table. After work Desk subject radiometric monitoring and decontamination (see).