Forensic dentistry

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The regulations on the production of forensic medical examination in the USSR (article 26) provides that judicial and investigative bodies can be brought to the execution of the state function of forensic experts of persons with a doctor's qualification. In practical terms, the involvement of expert activity of a dentist who do not have training in forensic medicine, for example, to determine causes of death, can cause serious forensic defects. We know of a case where a forensic medical examination of the corpse of a person who dies as a result of a craniocereberal trauma, where dentist professionally correctly described the damage to the tooth-jaw system, but has not made opening the skull and did not investigate the brain that deprived the investigation full information about the nature and mechanism of injury, even despite the subsequent multiple high qualified Commission of forensic medical examination. Therefore, the Regulations on the rights of the doctor-stomatologist" * established that the scope of his work includes the implementation of a forensic medical examination only on the specialty.
In those cases, when before the judicial or investigative authorities have questions that are the competence of a doctor of such a profile, not only desirable, but necessary involvement of a dentist to perform a forensic medical examination, for doctors of all other professions are not usually sufficient knowledge in this medical profession. Judicial and investigative bodies cannot attract dentists to General medical expert activity, if before the examination, there are issues that go beyond the core, dental specialization doctor. In turn dentist in such circumstances should use presented to him by law (article 82 of the code of criminal procedure of the RSFSR and similar articles of the code of criminal procedure. Union republics) and to inform in writing in the judicial and investigative agencies that raised questions lie beyond its special knowledge, so that he asks to release him from execution expertise.
However, the expert practice suggests that the gap dentistry from the forensic medicine is one of the sources of forensic defects in cases of professional expertise dentists. So, A. M. Hamburg describes the observation that a dental expert, found no more teeth on the skull exhumed, came to the conclusion that they were beaten. Meanwhile dentition defect was not caused by trauma, as a consequence of post-mortem (rotten) changes.
The study objects that produces the doctor, using his medical knowledge in the interests of the inquiry bodies, investigators, prosecutors and judges, called the forensic expertise. Objects of forensic medical examination are living entity, corpses, material evidence related to the human body, and medical documents.

* Approved by the health Committee of the USSR on may 12, 1938