Forensic dentistry

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In relation to forensic dental examination talking about the examination of survivors to establish the character of the injury, his old mechanism of occurrence and determine the severity of injury or disability with injuries of soft tissues, facial bones, teeth, and also for injuries caused by the teeth of man, etc In forensic corpses held in similar cases, it is necessary, furthermore, to establish a causal relationship between damage and death. Physical evidence that may be subject to forensic dental examination, are fingerprints and traces of action of the teeth as the body (seized in the study of the corpse), and other facilities (food, cigarettes and other) for the identification, establishment, age, sex, profession, etc., and, finally, medical documents, mainly in the forensic medical examination of professional offences dentists and other medical professionals dental institutions.
According to senior 78 of the code of criminal procedure of the RSFSR and similar articles of the code of criminal procedure of the Union republics, forensic, consequently, forensic dental examination is obligatory to establish the cause of death, the nature of injuries, as well as for establishing the age of the accused, the suspect and the victim in cases where this is relevant to the case, and the documents of age is not available.
Forensic dental examination, as forensic examination in General, is appointed by the person conducting the inquiry, investigator, Prosecutor and the court (article 78 of the code of criminal procedure of the RSFSR, the same article of the Union republics, "Fundamentals of legislation of the USSR on health care"). Therefore appeal administrative health authorities or private persons with the request for substantive examination can not be granted, for it is not stipulated by law, and all sorts of studies made on these requests are not the forensic expertise.
In the Moscow medical stomatological Institute was sent telegram from a private person from Donetsk with a request to conduct a forensic medical examination and install traces the steps of dental boron in connection with the complaints of the patient to the doctor-dentist. It is obvious that the recipient could be a response only in the remedial plan, explaining the order of the examination of the current legislation.
St. 82 of the code of criminal procedure of the RSFSR and similar articles of the code of criminal procedure of the Union republics define the rights and obligations of the expert. The expert must appear when called by the judicial or investigative authorities and to give an objective opinion on the raised issues. If the issues go beyond professional competence or submitted for the opinion of materials of insufficient expert in writing, inform the body which has appointed examination, about the inability of the conference. Expert granted the right to be acquainted with materials of the case to which he conducts analysis, make motions on the provision of additional materials for examination. With the permission of the judicial investigative bodies expert may be present during interrogations, as well as other investigative and court action and to ask questions the interrogated.
Refusal or evasion expert from fulfilling their duties, as well as absence without a valid reason or the summer residence of obviously false conclusion shall be subject to criminal penalties (Art. Art. 181, 182 of the criminal code of the RSFSR and similar articles of Union republics). The expert is obliged to observe investigative secret, disclosure of which is subject to criminal sanction (article 184 of the criminal code of the RSFSR and similar articles of the criminal code of the Union republics).