Strange funeral

Russian surgery was the youngest in Europe, but for its development specific anatomical principles, loyalty to which kept several generations of advanced doctors.
They fought a hard struggle and with representatives of the Church and spiritual censorship. In 1819 the event occurred which seemed to raise the past persecution of anatomy.
The newly established Kazan University was examined by a special Commission. Trustee school district Magnitsky meticulously examined audience, the classrooms. That's anatomical Museum. It was chosen especially long and diligently; University was even proud of such a collection of drugs.
But what is it? Trustee, looking at alcoholized babies, suddenly flushed and yelled loudly, to bury, to bury, and immediately! Breathless, he explained to others that disgusting and abhorrent to eat man, created in the image and likeness of the Creator, on the preparations for the Museum.
On the following day to the Church cemetery was moving strange procession. After the funeral service in the University Church was buried... anatomical preparations. At the head of the procession was a priest.
When lectures on anatomy resumed, Professor Fuchs impressive told the students:
- The purpose of anatomy find in the structure of the human body the wisdom of the Creator. Our body is the temple of the soul, and therefore it is necessary to know him.
The Clinician should know anatomy. Nobody tried to deny it openly, but the most hardened obscurants like Trustee Magnitsky, who then became an assistant to the Minister of religious Affairs and education of the whole country. But at the same time, anatomy still needed defenders and promoters.
Here is how he described the situation in the first half of XIX century Russian medic S. N. Delitsyn.
"On the anatomy, - he wrote, " is very common opinion was that it is the alphabet of medicine, having studied which can very easily be forgotten, and later during operations to follow the rule: "Cut, where softly, drinking, where the bone, and where sprinkles the blood - perevoznay".
This detached from practice found this science Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov. A wonderful surgeon, he was an outstanding anatomist.
Pies in medicine is a whole epoch. We can be proud that the works of our compatriot has created yet another industry - surgical anatomy.
If you haven't read the story of the writer A. Kuprin "Miracle doctor", insist on it. He Pirogova, on one of the episodes of his life, causing surprise and admiration.