Streptolysin (Streptosaluzidum; list B) - TB drug containing 1 mg no less 384 UNITS of streptomycin and 434 mcg of saluted. Apply streptolysin intramuscularly, intratrahealno and inhalation. Solutions are ex tempore of 2% solution novokaina (for injection) or izotonicescom solution of sodium chloride. Average daily dose streptolysin from 0.5 to 2, the Side effects are the same as in the application of streptomycin (see) and preparations of a group of isoniazid (see). The release form: the hermetically sealed vials containing 0.5 and 1 g of the drug. Keep at temperature not above 20 deg. Solutions to store but more than 1 hour.
Cm. also anti-Tuberculosis drugs.