Building materials

Building materials - materials used, construction of residential, public and industrial buildings and other structures.
The basic kinds of building materials are: 1) a natural stone (granite, tuff and others); 2) artificial stone (brick, slate, tile and other); 3) mineral binders (lime, cement and other); 4) insulation materials (asbestos, slag, Tripoli and others); 5) forest materials (wood).
Building materials should provide in residential and public buildings favorable for the person microclimatic conditions and the condition of environment (see Hermitage). To do this, they must have good heat-shielding properties (small heat capacity and thermal conductivity), good vapor permeability and low hygroscopicity. Due to industrialization of building of natural construction materials and bricks give way to new artificial building materials: light concrete in combination with heat-insulation materials - "heaters", glass, metal, plastics. Light cellular concrete, as well as brick and wood, have good insulating properties, which allows to reduce the thickness of the walls and floors and the total weight of buildings. Application in construction of glass, metal and plastics due to the high conductivity of these materials should be limited.
Saving building materials contributes to the proper organization of their transportation and storage. In case of defeat of wood house mushrooms need to replace the infected designs new, clean, with the necessary precautions to prevent re-infection.