Strumpel phenomena

Strumpel phenomena (I.e. Strümpell) - pathologically reinforced friendly movement (synkinesia), observed in defeat pyramid system.
There are three phenomenon. I. Tibial the phenomenon of involuntary back flexion and supination of the foot with active bending in Tazo-hip and knee joints (the resistance of the feet); due to the voltage anterior tibial muscle. The patient is laid on his back and forced to bend my knee in Tazo-hip and knee, hindering this movement by pressing his hips to the bed. In a sharply-cut cases this phenomenon of Strumpel begins with the free active bending the legs. II. Pronating (predatory) phenomenon is an increase pronation brush at bending of the forearm; brush during bending is coming to shoulder back. III. Radial, or radiation, the phenomenon of involuntary extension brush while clenching fingers in a fist.
Like all other friendly movements observed in the lesions pyramid system, the phenomena of Strumpel are particularly clear when hemiplegia (see).
The phenomena of Strumpel represent phenomena of restartujte lower subcortical motor vehicles caused by the loss of the inhibitory effect of higher cortical centers due to the break of the pyramidal tract conducting this influence.
Cm. also Pyramidal system, Synkinesia.