Spektralnaya cellulitis

Spektralnaya cellulitis - purulent inflammation of the tissue under small and large pectoral muscles.
Spektralnaya abscess develops after injury of the chest, when Salecah pus from the armpit; infection can penetrate through the lymph system of the infected wounds, boil or carbuncle chest wall, mastitis, due to the spread of cancer of the pleural cavity in introducing pleurisy. Sometimes a place of introduction of infection is extremely difficult to determine.
Symptoms: asymmetry of the upper section of the chest, voltage pectoral muscles on the affected side, a violation of the functions of upper extremities, a high fever, arching pain and often severe General condition (weakness, chills, sweats). The treatment in hospital. The abscess is opened on the outer edge of the large pectoral muscle, penetrate into the depth of tissues, evacuate pus. Cavity phlegmon is drained by turundae with hypertonic solution until the liberation of the cavity of dead tissue, then enter ointment tampons for stimulation and protection of granulations. Prescribe antibiotics, blood transfusion, plasma, vitamins, etc.
Forecast for early surgical treatment is favorable, in advanced cases may develop complications (purulent pleurisy, General infection and other) with a weak enabling outcome.
Prevention spektralnoi phlegmon - timely and correct treatment of purulent diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the chest, and treat pleurisy.