Forensic medicine

Forensic science is the field of medicine, students of medical and biological problems arising in the practice of the bodies of investigation and court. In the process of preliminary and judicial investigation is judicial-medical expertise (see). Objects are real people, bodies, physical evidence, the case materials. Established the cause of death, the time it occurred, the nature and severity of physical injuries, their origin and other data of interest to the investigator and the court. Forensic science is taught in medical school and in the departments of forensic medicine institutes of advanced training of doctors.
In the system of health authorities have a special institution - the Bureau of forensic medical examination. For the examination may be attracted not only by forensic medical experts, but also a doctor of any specialization.
Forensic psychiatric examination is carried out only specialist psychiatrist; its goal is the establishment of mental illness, disability, insanity, the estimation of separate clinical forms and States, and also the question about the need for compulsory treatment recognized as irresponsible mentally illwho have committed socially dangerous acts.
Forensic chemical examination in forensic laboratories is performed by professional chemists to establish or exclusion of chemicals that could be the cause of poisoning. Objects of this examination are often the internal organs of humans and animals, food, drinks, medicines, food, etc.
The forensic examination have the right to make only the doctors. Nurse (nurse, sister) any action on the forensic examination is not allowed.