Dry pleurisy

In most cases, dry pleurisy is a consequence of tuberculosis, especially when it arises as to yourself, is primary. In a minority of cases, dry pleurisy occurs when varying etiology of pneumonia, abscess and gangrene of the lung, pericarditis, rheumatism, heart lung, lung tumors, trauma chest wall and lungs, General and local cooling etc., L. Mecl (1965) showed that the frequency of disease pleurisy among manual workers and sportsmen of high qualification the same. However, recovery and restoration of functions in athletes happen faster. The author on the basis of their clinical experience and works of R. Ling, J. Fleischmann (1965), V. Minarovjech (1965) suggests that the diagnosis of dry pleurisy in athletes in most cases inaccurate. With small breaks, and the destruction of alveolar walls of light that occur during intensive physical loads, auscultation data remind noise pleural friction, listen when pleurisy, and this gives rise to over diagnosis of dry pleurisy. The treatment of this disease usual.