Dry air baths

Dry air baths - type heat treatment, in which the entire body of a patient or a separate body parts are heated dry hot air temperature about 70-80 degrees. Heat the air using electric heating devices in special boxes. For General dry air baths are used in a large wooden box with a door and seat, and places the patient, his head is on the outside; for cingular dry air baths (intended for heating of the lower body) apply wooden box with a door and a big hole in the top panel. The total duration of dry air baths 15-20 minutes on the course of treatment is 10 to 12 (every other day). For local dry air baths (intended for warming up of the limbs) apply Lindemann machines that have size and shape accordingly subject to heating of the body. The procedure duration is 15-20 minutes, the course of treatment is 10-15 procedures. Dry air bath is usually combined with water treatments and massages.
Indications and contraindications - see Mud.