Tendon suture

Tendon joint - method of operative connection of the tendons. There are primary or secondary tendon seam. The best result gives the primary tendon seam made when surgical treatment of wounds, however, considerable contamination of the wound and smashing tissues are contraindications to the tendon seam.

tendon suture
Tendon suture with nutritionnel location threads.

Suggested many ways tendinous sutures. The most common tendon suture with nutritionnel location of threads and knots between the ends of the tendons (Fig) and the method Bandella with time fixing the Central end tendon when sewing flexor within the tendon sheaths. Materials for the tendinous sutures: thin silk, nylon, special wire.
In the postoperative period 3 weeks produce immobilization limbs plaster Longuet in the position of flexion when tendon seam flexor or full extension when tendon seam extensor. With 6-8-th day starting careful movements, with a 21-day pass to the active gymnastic exercises. The result of the tendon seam appreciate not previously 8-12 months. Forecast tendon seam extensor good, tendon seam flexor within the tendon sheaths gives the worst result. Wound infection, scar Union are the main cause of the unsatisfactory outcomes. Cm. also surgical Sutures.