Sukkar syndrome

Sukkar syndrome (synonym neuralgia language-glotocnogo nerves) is a rare disease caused by infection or pathological process in the posterior cranial fossa (basal arachnoiditis and others), hypertrophy of the styloid process (departs from the outer surface of the temporal bone), etc. Syndrome Sukkar mostly occurs in older people and, apparently, is connected with age vascular changes. It is almost always one-sided, paroxysmal pain (shooting, burning etc), it is often very painful, located in the posterior third of the tongue, the upper part of the pharynx, tonsils, Palat, ear and angle of the mandible. Thus broken taste sensations on the rear surface of the tongue and saliva. Attacks last from a few seconds up to 2-3 minutes and occur repeatedly throughout the day, sometimes 2-3 times a week, when swallowing, zatragivanija to the root of the tongue, tonsils and other, sometimes the pain can be permanent. The disease usually occurs in years.
The treatment is performed by a doctor, given etiologic factors. Prescribed analgesic funds (analgin, amidopyrine and others) century conjunction with barbiturates (barbitala, phenobarbital , etc.) and sedative (soothing) means, a multivitamin.