Sulfatsil (Sulfacylum; synonym: sulfacetamide, Sulfacetamidum; list B) - sulfa drug. Apply for strep, gonococcal, pneumococcal and the number bacilli infections (pielity, cystitis, mastoiditis, generic sepsis, enterocolitis, infected wounds and other). Assign local in the form of powders and inside of 0.5-1 g 3 - 5 times a day for 6-7 days. The release form: powder.
Sulfatsil soluble (Sulfacylum solubile; synonym: sulfacetamide-sodium, Sulfacetamidum natricum; list B). On antimikrobnomu action corresponds to sulfatsila. The drug can be used for the treatment of infected wounds and infections caused by Escherichia coli. Most often used in ophthalmic practice in the treatment of creeping corneal ulcers, infections, conjunctivitis, blepharitis and others Appointed local in the form of powder, 10-20-30% solutions and 10-20-30% ointments. Sulfatsil can be taken inside for 0.5-1 g 3-5 times a day. Higher doses: single, 2 g daily 7, In rare cases has irritated tissue. The release form: powder. Keep in a small, tightly closed banks.
Cm. also Sulfa drugs.