Anomalism - functional impairment of hearing and speech. Anomalism is temporary. In the basis of anomalism is the process of a protective inhibition in a cerebral cortex at super-high stimuli (shot blast wave, mental injury). The phenomenon of anomalism usually quickly under the influence rastormazivatm (psychotherapy) treatment, and sometimes even without treatment. Sometimes anomalism stalemates and requires the intervention of a neuropsychiatrist and otolaryngologist, as well as a speech therapist and a therapist.

Anomalism occurs in patients with damage to the eardrum, but in 2,5 times less, than at a membrane. Deafness without mutism is found in both groups, with about the same frequency. The prevalence of anomalism in the group without damage to the eardrum, in our opinion, due in part to the fact that it includes frequently psychogenic forms of anomalism. About a third shell-shocked detected symptoms of Central nervous system and in particular vegetative; 12% had significant mental disorders. In some shell-shocked neurological symptoms was noted, along with damage to auditory function, but they often prevailed in the clinical picture of the disease and determined its outcome.
If we consider the clinic contusion defeat in dynamics, we can note the three types of flow. The first type is characterized by the fact that throughout diseases prevalent symptoms of Central nervous system and psyche; the same symptoms from ear to fade into the background and is due primarily to the General condition of the patient. The second type of common symptoms are expressed only in the early period, and then prevalent symptoms of middle and inner ear. The third form throughout diseases coexist in one way or another connection and interdependence symptoms of Central nervous system and ear.
Anomalism represents, according to a comprehensive clinical research (with the participation of the neurologist, psychiatrist, physician), is not of the same suffering. Quite often, anomalism took General lethargy, apathy, unwillingness of the patient to engage in conversation. Many shell-shocked with a diagnosis of anomalism began to speak and hear after a light activated by persistent questioning and some encouragement. Some patients and explained his "anomalism": 't like to talk, as it requires a known voltage, as didn't want anything to do. Indifferent attitude of the patients to the surrounding and isolation, apparently, was the reason for the incorrect assertion that contusion deafness is a common characteristic in contrast to organic deafness lack of desire and attempts to understand the conversation on the lips, in the face of the speaker. This position is available, but only with neurotic deafness and aggravate. Shell-shocked, being a laggard, very rarely specifies gestures to the lack of hearing and speech. In this we see valuable differential-diagnostic feature between the state of General retardation and neurotic deafness or aggravating.
Study of electric potentials of the brain showed that in the early stage after contusion often there is no reaction on the part of the brain not only to sound annoyed, but also on pain, light and so on, the Rhythm of the waves did not change when a patient was asked, and gave him to read, lit the lamp, etc. About the pathological condition of brain cortex in severe cases, contusion says the emergence of the encephalogram slow waves frequency 1-2-3 number/s. While improving the General condition of these slow waves disappear and you receive the normal rhythm of the waves (P. I. Spielberg, 1944).
Estimating the results of research of hearing and electroencephalography the shell-shocked (1947), N. M. Aspisol comes to the conclusion that the blast can cause pathological changes in the peripheral parts of the analyzer and the cortical.
Deafness when sordomuto can be in the first period associated with stun or braking auditory cortex with transient or dislocation changes in the inner ear. In turn mutism may be due to a disorder of coordination in speech and respiratory mechanism. Characteristic are active attempts to speak and the inability to pronounce sounds.
Thus, deafness and mutism can imagine two, not related to each other, form the defeat of different Genesis.