Drying of medicinal plants

The next important moment - dried medicinal plants.
In the green, recently thwarted the plant cells continue to live, they still work hard various enzymesthat can destroy everything medicinal substances. Wet plants can rot, mold, will lose color and scent. The faster will dry up the plant, the more it will remain medicinal substances. Before drying need to spend sorting plants: remove impurities, leaves, crushed or unripe fruit.
Different plants are dried at certain temperatures. But there is one common catch: the leaves, grass and flowers cannot be dried in the sun. It kills them what plants were collected. Need to protect the raw materials and from wind, rain and dew. The sun can be dried only some roots and rhizomes, seeds of plants, to podkalivat juicy berries and fruit hips, before they are put in the dryer.
From raw materials depends on the nature of drying. The plants containing essential oils (thyme, savory, thyme, oregano) dried slowly the temperature is not above 30 degrees - 35 degrees, at a higher temperature of the oil evaporate. On the contrary, if the plant contains glycosides (Adonis, Lily of the valley), it should be dried at a temperature of 50 degrees 60C to quickly stop the action of enzymes that destroy glycosides.
Where to dry medicinal plants? In any dry, well-ventilated area. And still the best in the attic. At this time you need to constantly monitor the plants turn them so that they are evenly dried out.
Berries dried in the air, in furnaces or ovens. Spread on baking sheets, covered with rags and paper, layer 2 cm and put into the kiln or furnace at a temperature of 50-60° for 8-10 hours. To doushite they can outdoors.
Different parts of plants dry unevenly: the stems, streaks in the leaves, juicy ovaries and flowers need more time than thin leaves. Dried properly roots and bark easily broken with a crash, and not bent. Juicy dried fruits, compressed into a ball, should be scattered, and not to stay stuck. Bad and not to doushite plants, then they can rot, and cannot dry up.
Dried herbs, flowers, roots easy to absorb moisture and odors. Therefore, they must be stored separately in a dry place in bags, boxes, glass jars.