jockstrapJockstrap - special elastic bandage for the scrotum. Used with the medical purpose at the epididymitis (see), orchitis (see Testis), after operations on the scrotum (see). Jockstrap provides peace, reduces tension spermatic cord inflammation of the testis and epididymis, warns them shake when walking. At the same time jockstrap can serve for fixing ointment dressing. In some sports games we recommend wearing jockstrap for preventing trauma of the scrotum.
Jockstrap is a canvas bag - a receptacle for the scrotum - with a hole for the penis (Fig). Jockstrap is fixed by means of ribbons around his waist and hips. Jockstrap made five sizes, so you can choose jockstrap the desired value. Jockstrap easily washed and sterilized. In the absence of ready jockstrap he may be replaced by a band of two layers of gauze width 25 - 30 cm, length 80 cm Belt is prepared from ordinary gauze bandage. The free ends of gauze strips by means of ribbons are attached to the belt. Penis cut the hole.
Jockstrap with ointment and a bandage should be changed after one or two days, without ointment dressing - through 4 - 5 days. Temporarily high position of the scrotum can be given by placing it on the diaper or a linen towel wrapped around her hips in their upper third. The ends diaper fastened with pins.