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Strengthening of joints

Maybe having a healthy joints, you can skip this article? But just healthy joints and needed to be strengthened to prevent that they do not get sick. The most important thing is that the joints - love accumulate and store energy. Therefore, strengthening them, we are restoring power and for a long time, thanks to the joint, it can save.
The history prescription
Ancient paid much attention to the strengthening of the bones and kidneys, arguing that "the power of the body in the back and nine joints". Perhaps, the first movements of qigong appeared due to the fact that it was necessary to strengthen the bones. In the legends about qigong much attention is paid to the bones. Offer your attention one of them. During the Great flood lived mythical Emperor Yu, seventh Emperor after Phu si. Those who remained alive after the Flood, aching bones. Yu, to help the sick, came up with unusual movements that helped to strengthen the joints and restore health. The basis of these unusual movements were rotation. The Emperor thought, if the earth is for ever due to the fact that rotates, why not to transfer these movements per person?
Since ancient times one of the main movements, strengthen the joints, became the movements of the nature is a slow and smooth rotation.
Reasons that affect bone health a lot, that is: the time of birth, illness and injury, lifestyle, nutrition, the impact of the five elements of nature, diseases of internal organs, especially of: kidney, liver and heart.
Before starting the strengthening of bones, it is important to determine which elements of nature they relate. This knowledge will help not only to nourish and strengthen, but also to understand their properties. Our bones corresponds to the element of Earth. We already know that the Foundation of everything in nature, the earth, and in our body the basis of all - ivory. The joints and the bones in Chinese therapy belong to unusual bodies take in the energy of the Earth retains the substance of Yin, and because their way is the Earth.
Bone health depends on kidneys. The earth should be wet, then she will give a good harvest. Therefore, good bone health is associated with kidney (water). The ancients said: "If you want to strengthen the bones, strengthen - kidney".
Bone health depends on the heart. The earth will yield a good harvest, even if it is warmed by the sun. Therefore, it is important for bone strengthening of the heart (fire), as well as solar heat, which will warm the bones. Now it becomes clear why so bone-like heat.
Bone health depends on the liver. The liver (tree) also has a great effect on bone. It is their branches and roots (meridians) generates (the earth) bones of the body, controlling them. Essential lines of the liver and gall bladder pass through the bones and joints of the body, reminding branches and roots of the tree. Most often the liver flushes its pathogenic energy in the joints, which are on the way of movement of its energy, or, Vice versa, the lack of energy can borrow it from the bones. From liver disease often suffer shoulder, knee and hip joints. Sometimes they are difficult to cure without strengthening the liver.
Bone health depends on the lungs. To the element of metal, I recall, in our body are light. It is metal and best strengthens the body and bone. Bones should be filled with dense energy.
The dependence of the health from the time of birth.
In much our health depends on the time of birth, from which the element nature at this moment was the most active. Fragile body corresponding to this element falls under maximum load. Exercises to strengthen these bodies, it is necessary to include in the classes. For example, those born in the summer, the element of fire can weaken the heart. Another example, those who were born in the period of activity of the earth element (from mid-August to mid-September) may have weak bones.
You can start your morning workout with weakened bodies. Those born in the summer, it is useful to strengthen the heart, in the late summer - early autumn - bone, stomach and pancreas, autumn - light, winter buds and spring - liver. Strengthening weak organs, you can go to the warm-UPS, strengthening bones.
Bone diseases are difficult to curable, since traditional medicine is not always offers therapy strengthens kidneys and liver, without which it is difficult to restore health to the bones.