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Strengthening of joints

The benefits of prescription
The proposed recipe will be useful to all, as with sore joints and healthy. It is useful to perform at increased fatigue, and energy accumulation in the joints.
The art of execution
The recipe can be performed fully or partially, standing or sitting on a chair. The bodies associated with the element of earth, it is useful to strengthen the whole year. When healthy joints recipe run from 1 to 2 times a week, and in patients every day.
Pay attention to those joints that will participate in the movements. Let me remind you that to strengthen the joints best energy of the earth (or yellow)to which they relate. As well, would be useful energy, water and fire, for their washing and warming. With a weakened health binding on the exercises will be: filling the joints with the energy of the earth or yellow, and the washing of the hands and feet of energy water from the base of the fingers.
Strengthening of joints
1. The sun's energy, warming the joints.
Take in the palm of mental images of the small suns and place them wash movements of palms in every joint, from the top down.
The room from 1 to 3 suns in every joint is sufficient.
2. Energy of color, the supply joints Can be used to strengthen the joints energy color: mentally imagine in his hands the color of the ball and place it in the joints as he placed the sun.
Select the color that is best for you to strengthen the joints. You can use a combination of several colors.
Red color will warm the joints, let me remind you that the joints love the heat, especially in winter time. When using red color, you can not use an image of the sun.
Yellow is the color associated with the element of earth, will nourish the joints.
Blue color associated with the element of water, will contribute to the accumulation in the joints of energy.
3. Massage joints
Will resotre circular clockwise hands every joint in direction from the top down. This will help to balance the energy of images or colors, which we filled the joints.
Complete therapy joints massage of hands and feet with the use of water energy.
The health councils
After filling the joints with energy, it is useful them to rotate. Slowly and smoothly rotating joints clockwise and counter in this order:
• simultaneously shoulders, elbows, radiocarpal joints, knees;
• turns hip joints, knees and ankles.
To strengthen the joints will be useful, let me remind you, the shaking of the hands and feet, like empty sleeves service, as well as slow and flowing of flexion and extension of the hands and feet in the elbows and knees.
When bone disorders often present themselves soft white clay. This image will help strengthen bones energy of the earth to which they relate, and to relax the body, so that the energy can penetrate into every cell of the joints.
Help strengthen the bones, teeth and nerves - a light tapping teeth.
We already wrote about the fact that the joints like heat. Aching joints after performing this recipe can be warm. Place warmed in the microwave makeshift pillow filled with fragrant dry grass (it can be, mint, oregano, series, St. John's wort, nails and so on), aching joints for 15-20 minutes.
The strengthening of bones is connected not only with joints, next time we will strengthen the spine.