The narrowing of the vagina

The narrowing of the vagina may be congenital or acquired.
Congenital narrowing of the vagina is often the result of inflammatory processes during fetal life of the fetus.
Acquired narrowing is the result of inflammation of the vagina in children after various infectious diseases (chicken pox, scarlet fever, diphtheria) or in adults after childbirth, complicated severe postpartum diseases.
The narrowing of the vagina and even full atresia it sometimes occurs after the radium therapy for cancer cervical cancer or vaginal. The narrowing of the vagina in such cases due to the development of scar tissue and atresia - sticking to the walls of the vagina due to necrosis of the mucous membrane of the vagina.
Narrowing can be very minor and represent a small circle of the cords, or, on the contrary, a very bulky and thick and occupy almost the whole length of the vagina. If the narrowing of the small, usually it does not manifest itself.
With high degree of narrowing can form hematometra and hematocolpos because of the delay menstrual blood in the uterus.
Treatment narrowing online: excision of all the scar tissue with subsequent stitches on tissue defects.
When narrowing of the vagina caused by the use of radium, surgical treatment is contraindicated.