Light baths

light bath
Local light bath for the body and legs.

Light baths - type heat treatment, in which the entire body of a patient or part of the body is exposed to infrared, visible rays and hot air. Device for the procedures of light baths are skeletons of different sizes (Fig.), on the inner walls are fortified incandescent lamp 40W with metal reflectors; with common bath in the device, place all of the patient's body (head remains free), local - limited part of the body. The duration of the first procedures 10-20 minutes, the next 20-40 minutes, the temperature of the heated air rises to 40 degrees (for initial procedures) to 70 degrees (at the end of treatment); in the course of 10-20 baths (for local - daily or twice a day, for a common - one day). Dosage depends on the General condition of the patient and the nature of the disease.
Indications and contraindications - see the Light.