How is the relationship of the organism with the environment

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During the life of every animal organism receives from the external environment and internal organs irritation (light, sound, smell, and others). They arise body response - reflexes. Reflexes are unconditional (born), such as saliva when getting food into his mouth, sucking mouth of a child, when a mother brings him to her breast, and conditional produced gradually in the process of life and development of the child. The value of conditioned reflexes is huge: they help people to adapt to the environment. Conditional reflexes can not only experience, but also to disappear, to remain in our brain cells, if the stimulation from the outside is in these cells not once, but many times. With this in mind, it is necessary from the first days of conscious living child to accustom it to a specific mode, to give him the right to conditional connection (reflexes) on schedule, hours of rest, exercise and other
Lack of organization, lack of regular, contradictory orders Deplete the nervous system of children change their behavior and character.
In the basis of reflex activity is two processes: the excitation and braking. During braking, the nerve cells rest. No holiday would nervous system first to exhaustion and then to the depletion and destruction. Both these processes are alternate, balanced and integrated.
To strengthen and develop the brake reaction to be very careful. Imagine a child who is from the first days of his life everything is allowed. He does not know the word "impossible". Actively generated by braking he will develop enough, and if in his life will meet the challenges that will require the ability to slow down their actions, he will not be able to do it. Furthermore, in such circumstances, the child will be generated revaluation self, when they met with difficulties to lead to disappointment and resentment against all.
Sometimes we have to deal with families where outwardly, all is well. Parents think that they are raising children with sufficient rigor, give them full attention (figure skating, music, English language), and children grow dull, passive, or, conversely, deviant and disobedient. Getting acquainted closer, you know that the word "impossible" and teachings are the main in these families that too is wrong. Be always very attentive to himself and to his children! From the first days of birth of the child should strictly follow that the conditions surrounding children, not harbored no surhandrya and debilitating factors.
Could stay healthy Yura So, for 8 years, which brought his mother to see me complaining that the boy "bad temper" and "impossible behavior." She told me that the boy always agitated, irritable, and all remarks at home and at school responding "rapid reaction", that is, falls to the floor, screaming and crying. How was life Jurassic? Boy's family consists of three people. Mother - a teacher, a father, an engineer and Yura. But relations in the family ugly. Boy beat for everything: for the neighbor complaints, for the care of the home, for three. "Hit often,- says the boy and happily adds, " although in the vacation was not beaten". The mother does not deny that, on the contrary, adds: "If you beat a strap or especially when you start looking for the belt, falls to the floor, screaming and crying." Additionally, it says that the boy is generally try to limit all the pleasures that it is almost always one, and now, before. "They didn't do, ' says she, " since both studied". Don't think about it now, and when I ask, does sleep, feeding, mother replies in the negative. "No, one room, lay down, my husband late, as they themselves want to read". And already the manner in which the mother says this indicates how lonely and sad life is going Yura in his own family. Yura very much hurt. Moved all childhood infections, and one operation under General anesthesia. We had a long talk with him. It is a thin, pale boy with large, intelligent eyes. He warmly says about the school, loves math, reading. The name of your favorite story he doesn't remember, but says that there wrote a story about a hero who died and after death of him to the grave a monument was erected". In his words, it seems to me that there are some distant Association with his sad life... and his parents still beat belt!
Could not stay healthy and Natasha P. that a mother leads complaining that her ten-year daughter was worse to learn, all silent for a moment, she had seizures when she cries, her blood boil. Despite twenty degrees below zero, the little girl sitting near me in a calico dress. I already know from the mother, the father left the family when she was 3 years. Mother got married for the second time. Then the girls came hard days. In a conversation with me girl says about this: "He beats me less now, the neighbors threatened to declare to the police, but before he beat me often." "But he hits you and now?" - I ask the girl. "Yes, beats, ' she says. And the mother explains that he beats her for everything: for spilled ink, because it is not so put a plate, say not in time the word. Mother never protects Natasha, not will caress. Moreover, she never sure whether full Natasha. The earned money, she gives mother in law, and only from money taken over for dinner, she secretly buys the girl anything for Breakfast, as Natasha in the morning, goes to school hungry. In the end, the girl starts crying. As with chills, startled her slender shoulders, and I understand that is not going to help some of the medicine prescribed me. The mother does not allow me to talk with her stepfather Natasha. Begs me not to make a statement to the party organization of the plant, as he was afraid that her husband will leave her. I have a deep sense of dissatisfaction allowed Natasha. Many orphans with living parents is at a reception at psihoneurologic! And it would be better to deprive such parents the right to maternity and paternity.