Ligament - fibrous strands or plates in the composition of soft skeleton (see) or connecting bones (table). Ligaments are located around the circumference of the joint fibrous capsule or on top of it together of the bones, giving support for the joints to form the membrane, closing holes. Chords together with bones and joints belong to the passive part of the musculoskeletal system. Mechanical properties of bundles: strength, flexibility, extensibility and flexibility are determined by the degree of development of collagen and elastic fibers, of which they are composed. On functions distinguish chords strengthening (contributing to the strengthening of joints), ligaments braking and guides movements in the joints, and depending on their location - cartilage and synovial. Great value bundles are not only in dynamics, but also in statics. For example, ligamentous apparatus of the spine and feet forms the so-called passive torque, relaxation which leads to the violation of the static functions.
Ligaments are also called sections of the serous membranes between the authorities and the fibrous bands, formed after the obliteration of vessels (ERCP), such as arterial link on the place of the blood (botallowa) flow in, etc.