sikosSycosis - chronic superficial staphylococcal skin disorder that occurs almost exclusively in males. Sikos localized primarily on the face skin in the area mustaches and beards. More rarely affected eyelids, eyebrows, underarm and pubic hair. To the development of sycosis predispose seborrhea (see), chronic rhinitis, contamination of the skin, minor injuries when shaving, nervous and endocrine disorders. The question, which explains the long and persistent throughout sycosis not solved. There are bases to assume, that in a basis of development of sycosis is a violation of the normal functions balance-hair apparatus of the skin under the influence of the endocrine and nervous disorders. The disease begins with the emergence of ostiofolliculitis - small, the size of a pinhead, pustules, located at the mouth of the hair follicle, penetrated in the centre of the hair and is surrounded by the narrow pink fringe - a small area of redness. After 2-3 days pustules dry in purulent peel and fall away, and on their place new ones arise.
The continuous appearance of pustules in the same hair follicles leading to the development of dense merging inflammatory infiltrate. The affected skin becomes bluish-red colour, the cells grow on the periphery, merge. Formed plaques of red. Hair is removed from the lesions, in the root part is surrounded by a semi-transparent vitreous coupling. Purulent cover tightly soldered with hair. Sometimes sycosis complicated by the impetigo (see) and boils individuals (see the Boil). If impetiginosa in the affected areas formed a continuous sero-purulent cover. For sycosis chronic.
Treatment: penicillin, chlortetracycline hydrochloride (biomitsin), oxytetracycline (terramycin) 600 000-800 000 IU / day (10 days), autohemotherapy, multivitamins, staphylococcia, toxoid. The hair on the lesions are removed. Assign 5% sulphuric or tannic boric-Naftalan ointment 10% syntomycin emulsion, aniline dyes, ultraviolet irradiation. Not wet affected skin; healthy skin around wipe 1% salicylic spirit. At the same time the treatment of chronic rhinitis, inflammation sinusal nose, appoint a means of normalizing the function of the endocrine and nervous systems; depending on the examination results can be shown both male and female sex hormones.
The forecast. Despite persistent throughout, the disease ends recovery.
Prevention: timely treatment of seborrhea, rhinitis, proper care of the skin (rubbing of the skin after shaving Cologne, disinfection razor and so on).