Syndrome - a set of symptoms, United by a common pathogenesis (creation mechanism) and characterizing certain pathological condition of the body.
In some cases, the syndrome is characterized by the whole picture of the disease, and the other symptoms only detail that picture. In these cases, it is difficult to distinguish between the syndrome and disease as an independent nosological form.
The same syndrome can occur in various diseases. Thus, the syndrome of portal hypertension is observed not only in portal cirrhosis of the liver, Noah in case of compression of the portal vein tumor and when hardening its clearance by a blood clot.
In this case, despite the various etiologic moments, developing the syndrome consisting of the same symptoms that caused a pathogenetic mechanism.
There are cases when, despite a pathogenetic mechanism, develop a syndrome consisting of various combinations of symptoms. So, when the system affection of connective tissue , depending on the number of individual features of the patient and because of the lesion is in a particular part of this system is developed in such syndromes as of still's disease (see), Reiter syndrome (damage to the joints, and the urinary tract and eyes), and other
The diagnosis of the syndrome can be a preliminary stage at diagnosis of the disease and the elucidation of its etiology. Sometimes it is important pathogenetic treatment of the syndrome, especially in case of impossibility of etiological treatment, such as deletion of ascitic fluid, plasma and surgical treatment of portal cirrhosis of the liver. Cm. also Diagnosis, Symptom.