Sinestrol (Synoestrolum; synonym Hexoestrolum; list B) is a synthetic estrogen drug. On chemical structure sinestrol different from steroid hormones oestrogen. Activity equivalent to follikulina (see). Applied as a follikulina, conditions associated with a lack of ovarian function, intramuscularly, subcutaneously (0.1% solution) and into daily for 1 - 2 mg; in patients with prostate cancer, and breast cancer in women over 60 years intramuscular 2-3 ml of 2% an oil solution of the long-term. You should not assign sinestrol with impaired liver function. Dosage form: tablets 1 mg and ampoules to 1 ml of 0.1% and 2% oil solution.
Cm. also Hormonotherapy, Sex hormones.