Sinovialnuu bag

sinovialnuu bag
Sinovialnuu bag calcaneal region (painted black).

Synovial bags - small cavity filled with synovial fluid, located in areas of friction soft tissues of bony prominences (Fig). There are gastrocnemius subtendon Bursa, subcutaneous, posvyashchenie, podmoskovniye and other sinovialnuu bag. Wall sinovialnuu bag consists of connective tissue, the internal surface of which is covered with a synovial membrane (see). Sinovialnuu bag more often oval in shape and size from 0.5 up to several centimeters.
Most of synovial bags occurs after birth due to the active functioning of the musculoskeletal system, and further synovial bags are formed in places where the skin is experiencing constant pressure, often in connection with the peculiarities of different professions. The most permanent gastrocnemius subtendon Bursa sinovialnuu bag near the joints. Sinovialnuu bag facilitate movement and reduce the pressure on the tissue. Diseases of synovial handbags - see Bursitis, Gagra.