Typhoid fever in children

Typhoid fever in children is characterized by a more benign than adults over shorter feverish period. Dizziness, delirium, hyperemia person, puffiness, symptom Govorova - Godelle occur only rarely, usually in children. In most cases, the disease is accompanied by enlargement of the spleen, diarrhoea disorders; rash more scarce, but can capture the scalp and face. Disease duration is much shorter than in adults. Often there are light, atypical flowing cases that hardly recognized.
Complications occur much less frequently than adults.
The principles of treatment are the same as in adults. Hospitalization is required. Prescribed drugs tetratziklinovogo stimulants to 0,025 g (25 000 IU) per 1 kg of weight per day; daily dose take equal parts 4-6 times; after the establishment of normal temperature treatment continued for 2-3 days. As in adults, with emphasis placed on care. In case of severe intoxication is used a means of detoxification. As adults, if necessary - cardiovascular: caffeine, kordiamin, adrenaline and other means according to age. Cm. also Ricketsiosis.