Syringomyelia is a slowly progressive, chronic disease of the nervous system, characterized by dissociirovati disorders of sensitivity, peripheral paresis and trophic disorders.
In the basis of those of syringomyelia lies congenital pathology development of the spinal cord. However, for the development of the disease is of great importance the impact of environmental factors, among which the priority is to injury. Especially often ill persons engaged in hard physical labor.
When those of syringomyelia marked growth glioznogo tissue in the spinal cord, followed by the formation of cavities in the Central areas of gliosis. The process may extend to the medulla and the bridge (varolii), causing what is known as syringobulbia.
The first symptoms appear in the age of 20-40 years, men fall ill more often than women. In the early stages are very excruciating pain mainly in the neck, shoulder blades and arms, which are enhanced at night and during cooling. Gradually against the background of pain develop disorders of sensitivity of dissociated type, in which there is loss of pain and temperature sensation and preservation of tactile and deep muscle. In the result the patient feels no burns and wounds, whose traces on the skin are an important diagnostic feature. There is also a muscular atrophy and peripheral paresis, beginning with the fingers and hand, and covering the whole arm. A very common nutritional disorder in the form of swelling, unhealed cracks skin, acrocyanosis brushes and other
The forecast. The disease progresses slowly and the patients can be kept for long performance, but in some cases syringomyelia develops rapidly and leads to severe disability.
The most effective method of treatment is radiotherapy, reduce pain, discomfort and trophic disorders. Also used injection prozerina (0.05% solution of 1 ml subcutaneously, 20-30 injections per course), as well as vitamin + (5% solution of 1 ml intramuscularly at the rate of 30 injections) and B12 (100-200 mcg intramuscularly, rate of 15 to 20 injections), symptomatically - analgesics (amidopyrine and others). Proper employment for a long time retains the ability to work sick.