Serum - specific blood products immunized animals or humans who have had an infectious disease.
There are serum anti-microbial, anti-toxic and serum to poison snakes and other poisonous animals.
Among the antimicrobial sera include: anticolana, antimeningococcal, anticolana, antistreptococcia, antigenically, antipneumococcal against anthrax and other get Them after immunization of animals microbial cells or separated from them by the antigens.
Antitoxic serum obtained after immunization of animals microbial toxins or anatoxinum (see).
Among antitoxic serum most important are: antidiphtheria, antystolenpackage, antianginalna, antistaphylococcal and serum against botulinum toxin.
Serum against some poisons snakes and animals get imunizarea animals small doses of poison. Some poisons pre-treated with formalin.
Specific serum used for prophylaxis (see Seroprevalencia) and therapy (see Serotherapy) infectious diseases or poisoning caused by toxins microbial or animal. Action sera based on the content of specific antibodies (see).
Antimicrobial serum in medical practice is not used because of their relatively low efficiency compared with antibiotics. However, recently due to frequent complications caused by antibiotics, and because of the appearance of a large number of antibiotic-resistant forms of bacteria have found wide application of plasma and gamma-globulin fraction (directed gamma-globulin)allocated from the immune sera, for example protivogribkovye and protivovirusny gamma globulins.
Specific antimicrobial immune serum can be used for microbiological diagnosis of infectious diseases and serological identification allocated microbe.
From the serum of adults prepare non-specific gamma globulin fraction, which is used for the treatment of disorders of blood coagulation and anemia, as well as for prevention of some viral diseases (see Gamma globulin).