Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Tabolin

Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich TabolinVyacheslav Aleksandrovich Tabolin was born in 1926, Vladimir. He graduated in 1953, the 2nd Moscow state medical Institute named after N. I. Pirogov. Now a corresponding member of the AMS of the USSR, Professor C. A. Tabolin head of the Department of hospital Pediatrics at the pediatric faculty of the 2nd molgmi. Head of the Moscow section of pediatricians maternity hospitals and departments of pathology of newborns, Board member of all-Union, all-Russian, Moscow societies of children's doctors. Member of the editorial Board and Deputy editor of Pediatrics Great medical encyclopedia, member of the Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of health USSR, Chairman of the scientific Council of the 2nd molgmi them. N. I. Pirogov for the awarding of the degrees of doctor of medical Sciences on Pediatrics.

How I became a pediatrician

They often ask me: how I became a pediatrician? To answer it difficult. First of all, I still during the work of the nurse in the hospital in 1943 there was a dream to become a doctor in the broad sense of the word. After graduating from high school in 1944, I was not able to immediately enter the medical Institute, and I went in Bauman. Bauman (Moscow higher technical school). Studied well, completed three years. Although I liked at school and in the mathematics of Moscow higher technical school and I studied technical disciplines, but the hospital did the trick, I more and more understood that my calling is medicine. And I decided fourth year Bauman. Bauman go to the first year of medical school. Honestly, to take such a decision without consulting with his parents, was afraid. First post-war years were difficult years for living away from my parents, and my family's material was poor. Come home in Vladimir, and say, "Mother, I throw Institute and pass in health". And she calmly replied: you Know, been waiting for, see, not at the call went out." So I got in 1947 in the 2-nd Moscow medical Institute after graduating from who in 1953, he became a pediatrician. Of course, our large family is largely determined my professional attachment. When we moved to Vladimir, my youngest brother was only six months. And it so happened that to babysit it had on me. Why? Because the elder brother Eugene was already studying in the school and said that he has a lot of lessons. Second, the jury, said that he is still small, for him to have to watch and he has to walk. I tried to calm brother Igor, tried to tell different stories - did not help. Apparently, he did not understand them, because he was very small. Then I started to sing. Songs I knew a lot. But soon noticed that he easily falls asleep under the first verse: "Suddenly away by the river gleamed with bayonets, this white guard chain..." Beyond words I didn't know, so endlessly repeating the same thing. Apparently, monotonous repetition and cause sleep. I then could not understand, what is this "white guard chain", as the "chain" for me it was a specific concept - "the chain", "chain" from hours. Care of your brother for me was a burden, for good attitude to each other we had permeated the whole atmosphere in the family. Then, while studying at the Institute, I am in the summer, went to work in the camp. For Junior courses - pioneer leader and later a doctor and a chief of the station and city centre. Constantly kept in the camp biological circle. Tried to interest the children, to awaken their interest in biology, medicine. What I was interested in? Probably the fact that I myself along with them was interesting. Himself with them often wondered. Once a village boy brought us a snake. What to do with it? Remembered that snake heart double chamber, and how it sounds when listening to a stethoscope (tube) - never heard of.
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