Such bones no!

The word "Nature" Vesalius wrote with capital letters. He believed it to be the Creator of the world, surpassing God as the Creator of things." Later, when anatomist deprived of the opportunity to do what he likes, he dreamed that I would be able "to return to studying the true Bible of the human body and human Nature."
The strike, which Vesalius caused beloved Church Galen, and fell on her own doctrine and authority. Because the results of the work of the scientist, and most importantly, the methods of its study with the help of experience and created a basis for the correct knowledge of the laws of nature not only in the field of anatomy. This Church feared the most.
Many scientists of the middle ages trying to find that special weightless, indestructible bone, which, according to the clergy, was the nucleus for the future resurrection of the body. Vesalius does not describe this bone in his treatise, because never met her. "Which of these stones... " he wrote,is again expected to grow people, provide reasoning theologians who steal free reasoning and opinion about the resurrection, immortality of the soul and destiny".
The Church supported the belief that men have one fewer rib than women, because, according to the Bible, God took him from Adam to create eve. And fearless Vesalius, for which the judge had experience, says: "...Opinion... if men on one side no ribs and a woman in the number of edges is superior to man, for one, absolutely ridiculous".
Vesalius boldly argued with the scientists-theologians who courageously undertook anatomical descriptions, without a knife. He defended the truth from their illiterate encroachments. Scientist allowed himself irony and at the address God himself - "Creator of things." "By his grace, if only will exist faith (please note this is a heretical assumption), we will enjoy everlasting blessedness, when it will not be necessary to investigate the whereabouts and the essence of the soul by opening or with the help of our mind..."
In this freethinking phrase is well visible nature of the brave researchers and the essence of his work in which he was most trusted his eyes and hands, mind and knowledge.
These funds reach the truth were not in honor of Ministers. Long ago they watched stubborn Vesalius, waiting for a convenient moment to attack. His predecessor, Professor of the University of Bologna Yakov Berengario also retreated from Galen, tried to resist the mother Church. What came of it? His disgrace expelled from the University, the city. More anatomy Professor was not engaged.
Cool fate and Paris anatomist Charles Astana fine knowing their subject. Almost at the same time with Vesalius he published a book "the Dissection of the human body". But Charles Esten was a Protestant. He confessed another, not Catholic religion, dominant in the country. Under this pretext he was thrown into prison, where he has already failed.
His great work, a treatise "On the structure of the human body" - Vesalius dedicated to Emperor Charles V, and "Extract" - his son Philip. It was not just the fashion of the time. The scientist sought to enlist the support of the Imperial family in case of possible complications.
Vesalius was not wrong when he wrote: "...My work will be attacked by those who had tackled the anatomy so zealous, as it was in Italian schools, and who is now at an advanced age dried away from envy to the correct disclosures boys: they'll be so ashamed that even though they themselves at a big name in the field of science, but still, along with other fans of Galen, were blind and didn't notice that we now offer".
Treatise on anatomy appeared in 1543, and in a year Vesalius not willingly parted with Padova. Over the happiest period of his life.